THE KETTLE MORAINE 100—RUN BABY RUN, Ye Olde Manor House Bed & Breakfast

April 5, 2019

I used to be an avid jogger, with used to being the operative word. My obsession with jogging ended after I moved from Massachusetts to New York.  I was jogging around the east river in NYC minding my own business, enjoying life when a man who clearly had one oar out of the water walked toward me throwing soda bottles on the sidewalk hard enough to make them shatter.  It was a fairly isolated section of the east river and as I dodged the glass and put distance between myself and the bottle thrower, I thought it might be time to find a safer way to exercise.  I joined a gym the next day and while I occasionally jogged the streets of Manhattan, the thrill was gone.  Fast forward some 30 or so years and we are approaching the 25th Annual Kettle Moraine 100, an endurance race that has a 100 mile race, a 100k race, a 50k race and a 38 mile race.  This year the race takes place on June 1-2.

Yes, it’s always a Saturday and Sunday because that is how long it takes to run a 100 mile race. As described on the Kettle Moraine 100 website, the race takes place on trails, 65 miles of which are the Ice Age Trail. We have guests who’ve run that race and it is an all-night affair.  We do what we can to make them, along with our other guests, as comfortable as possible. Have I ever thought about running in this race? Never, but I admire anyone who does. Maybe it will inspire me to break out my jogging shoes and start jogging a modest distance.  It hasn’t for the 11 years that I’ve been here but hey, you never know!