SPRING HAS SPRUNG, Ye Olde Manor House Bed & Breakfast

April 8, 2019

I hesitate to say anything and jinx this 60 degree weather day, but I think spring has sprung!  Of course, it could snow next week, but I’m going with spring having sprung for the year.  It’s somewhat of a magical time as green stems pushing their way through what looked like barren land for so many months.  When we first moved here, we planted over 400 flower bulbs.  Ok so we were a little obsessive and admittedly we haven’t changed that mush.

Last summer we planted over 200 flower seedlings and 6 English roses.  This past fall we planted about 300 flower bulbs.  John has started planting the vegetable garden and I’ve been planting seeds in the flower pots…the obsession continues.  In between planting seeds we’ve been raking leaves.  Don’t ask; I don’t know why we didn’t rake them in the fall…probably too tired after all the summer planting!  I have to say, I’m tired already and we still have flower beds to prepare (in a moment of weakness during the bleak winter months I ordered more flower seedlings and just bought three shrubs), seeds to plant in the vegetable and flower gardens, and bare root plants that we bought last year and forgot to plant.

I intended to do some planting today but then it started raining hard.  It stopped raining and I suppose I could still go out…but I think I’ll ride my exercise bike while reading a novel and then take a nap.  Tomorrow is another day…